Are you looking for a quick and effective way to eliminate your mice problem in your home? Then, why don’t you try using a combination of both poisonous mouse bait and bait station?

However, due to the wide variety of mouse bait stations off in the market today, what are the things to consider when buying a mouse station?

In this review post, you will get to know the different varieties of mouse bait stations to help you decide which best mouse bait station is suitable for your home. But if you don’t have time to read the entire article, then here’s what I use all the time:

Mouse Bait Station Buying Guide

General information

A mouse bait station is an enclosed box that stores the rodenticide bait and protects it from moisture, dust, other outdoor elements, and even to your pets.

It offers an undisturbed area for the mice to feed on the rodenticide bait peacefully. It can either be used as a standalone unit or used together with other mechanical mice traps.

The general overview of the bait station’s body is either made from metal or durable plastic material to prevent spillage of the bait.

Mouse bait stations usually come in tamper-proof varieties with locking mechanisms to protect the units and keep children and pets from reaching.

They are not manufactured in eye-catching colors to prevent kids and pets from coming in contact with it. Instead, they are commonly produced in dull colors such as grey and black.

Also, they come in different sizes and designs where a snap trap is usually included.

Besides, they are equipped with bait securing rods (usually metal rods) to ensure that the bait cannot be carried away by mice and scattered around the house.

Usually, a mouse bait station comes with one to two entry points to allow mice for easy access to the bait. Once the mice enter the bait station, they will feed on the bait block (mistaking it as food) and then go back to its nest where they eventually die.

However, there are times where mice die immediately after eating the bait.

Purpose of bait stations

Using bait stations is one of the standard methods to get rid of mice infestation. To know more about them, here are the purpose of bait stations:

  • Ensure the safety of your kids and pets from coming in contact with the toxic rodenticides
  • Protect the bait from moisture and dust; therefore, it helps in keeping them clean and retain their potency for a longer time
  • Targets only mice and exterminate them safely without risking the lives of little kids, pets, and other small animals
  • Restrict non-targeted species such as children, pets, and small animals from accessing the bait. It is because of the installed baffles that act as partitions between the entry holes and central bait feeding chambers
  • Safe monitoring of bait

The mouse bait station can be used in homes, offices, warehouses, storage rooms, garages, gardens, farms, or other places where mice usually build their nest.

Almost all bait stations share the same basic design and critical parts. As you noticed, there is an outer envelope made from durable material like plastic or metal that is lockable and tamper-proof.

There are one to two openings to allow the entry of mice in the bait, feed on the bait, and exit from the station. Installed baffles guide the mice from the entrance to the center of the bait, where bait is usually placed.

There are two different categories of bait stations, disposable and refillable.


The disposable bait stations come with pre-baited stations removed from its packaging and then placed in different locations of your home where you suspect mouse activity.


The refillable bait station allows you to reuse your bait station for a longer duration. All you need to do is replenish the bait inside the refillable bait station when the mice eat the bait inside.

In a nutshell, the refillable bait stations are more economical than disposable bait stations.

However, if you prefer the refillable bait station, you need to be careful when handling the poisonous bait blocks.

On the other hand, the disposable variety just needs to be set up and then discarded once mice contact it. There’s no need for you to handle the poisonous bait block at all.

What to look for when buying a mouse bait station

When looking for a mouse bait station, the first step is to assess the mouse activity in your home. Identify the problem if it’s just a mild or already severe infestation, seasonal or all-year-round?

If the mouse issue happens just recently and just minorly, placing disposable bait stations in corners of your house might solve the problem.

However, if the mice infestation in your home is already severe and recurs every year; therefore, investing in a refillable bait station is the most recommended solution.

When buying a mouse bait station, here are some vital safety and designs features to look for:

Size of the station

The mouse bait station should be spacious enough to cater to 1-2 mice and is flat enough so that you can place it in tight and hard-to-reach spots behind your refrigerators, cupboard, and sinks.

The ideal size must be 10 x 10 x 4-inch, which would be perfect for most mice species.

Durable materials

It must be made from durable and sturdy plastic material that is good for both indoors and outdoors. It must be temperature and water-resistant if you use it outdoors.


It should have a provision for anchoring the station to hold the bait station when the toxic bait is placed inside the station.

Securing rods

Another essential feature to look for is the bait securing rods that prevent mice from carrying the bait away.


It should have at least one to two openings that should be big enough to accommodate even a large-sized mouse, yet small enough for kids and pets to get in.

Locking mechanism

Lastly, the mouse bait station must come with an automatic locking mechanism that can securely lock the station as soon as it is closed to prevent accidental exposure.

Here Are The Best Mouse Bait Stations

Tomcat Bait Station

Made from rigid, heavy-duty plastic materials, the Tomcat Bait Station is the best lockable bait station and ensures a long-lasting rodent station.

It is designed with a key and four rods to hold the bait securely without carrying it away by the mice. The lock ensures that your little ones and pets are protected from accidental exposure since it leaves no access to the bait inside.

With the bait securing rods provided, it helps in holding the bait in place to ensure that the mice are unable to carry the bait away, to prevent wasting the bait.

The plastic body design functions as a protection to the bait from the outdoor elements such as dirt, moisture, and molds; hence, retaining the potency of the bait and making it more appealing to the mice.

The Tomcat Mouse Bait Station is considered to be one of the best mouse bait stations. It is because of its flexibility in using since it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of its remarkable features that many people rave about is its availability in different options. It can be either a disposable bait station or a sturdy, reusable, and refillable bait option.

Depending on the severity of the mice infestation, you can decide what to choose between the two options. You can choose the disposable option if the mice problem is mild and just happened recently.

However, for severe mice infestation, the recommended type of bait station is the refillable one since you can use it many times, just make sure to clean the bait station regularly to avoid the spread of disease.

This bait station is designed in such a way to accommodate either a mouse snap trap or even a four bait block for a more effective way of catching mice.


  • Made from durable, sturdy plastic material for long time use
  • Equipped with a sturdy weatherproof body that makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • The package contains one rodent station, four baits securing rods, and one security key.
  • Easy to use and install. It can be placed even in small places.


  • No bait or trap included if you buy the refillable option. You need to purchase the mouse snap trap or bait separately.
  • Some customers complain that it is difficult to unlock for the first time. If you have any difficulties opening the station, just refer to the instructions on the packaging.
  • No viewing spot to check if the bait is eaten. You need to unlock the unit manually to check.

JT Eaton Top Loader Bait Station

The JT Eaton Top Loader Bait Station features a unique vertical, top loader bait station that can be loaded with either liquid bait or solid chunks of rodenticide.

If you notice its structure, it looks like an inverted T shape, which comprises four unique features.

Dual entries

They are located at both ends of the station to ensure that the mice can enter and exit from whichever side.

Entry chamber

The entry chamber is equipped with baffles that prevent non-targeted species such as your pets and small animals from entering the bait and then reach for the bait eventually

Vertical bait chamber

This unique feature, the vertical gravity-fed design can accommodate either solid chunks of bait blocks or cylindrical liquid bait bottles with nozzle, whichever form of bait you prefer.


The lid at the top of the vertical bait chamber comes with a rod that inserts and holds the solid bait blocks or removes the nozzle to load the bottle containing the liquid bait. You can see a screw fastening mechanism to secure the lid in place.

On top of that, this top-loader bait station is equipped with fastening holes on both sides so you can attach it easily to a fence or wall.

You can also strap it to a tree using zip ties or bind to the ground using nails. If you prefer to fasten the bait station on the ground, you need to glue its flat bottom surface to ensure that it will no longer move.

Just like with the bait, as mentioned above, this device is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. To make this product work, you need to load your bait on the station, place the cap on, and turn the key to lock the station securely.


  • Its unique gravity-fed bait that ensures a consistent supply of bait for the mice. (can store solid or liquid bait)
  • Protects your bait from rain and water, keeping it moisture free.
  • Safe to use around pets and kids
  • It is designed with dual entry to encourage mice to enter and feed on the bait quickly


  • No status monitoring when to refill the bait. You need to unfasten the lid and pull the bait strap out to check.
  • No instructions included

Protecta Mouse Bait Station

The Protecta Bait Station is a small, compact, triangular mouse bait that measures 13-inches long, 3 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

It is one of the most popular bait stations that deal with rodent infestations. The bait station is constructed using a heavy-duty and durable variety of plastic that is inaccessible to non-targeted species.

It comes with a lockable design that locks when you press the lid down; hence, protecting your children and pets away from the bait.

The bait station comes with two locks, which you can open with a two-prong key. To unlock it, you need to use the key provided to open each lock simultaneously.

As you notice, the station comes in a triangular shape, which is perfect when you want something to fit in tight corners and spaces where mice are most likely to live.

As soon as you place the bait inside and close the lid, the mouse station will automatically shut and get locked, making it extremely safe to use around pets and children.

On the interior of the station, you can see baffles that are placed inside the entry chamber, thus leading the mouse towards the bait.

The baffles placed inside the entry chamber will lead the mouse inside the bait and eventually feed on the bait. This compact device can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Well, thanks to its flat, compact shape that allows this device to be fitted in tiny spots such as behind the refrigerator, furniture, and other appliances where mice most likely roam frequently.


  • It suitable for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Made from strong and durable plastic materials
  • Works on either vertical or horizontal orientation and is perfect to be placed in corners
  • It is lockable, making it safe for pets and kids.


  • Suitable for small-sized mouse
  • Comes with only a single key
  • No window for monitoring

B&G Rodent Bait Station

Made from heavy-duty plastic material, the B&G Rodent Bait Station comes with lockable and durable keys. It is equipped with a pack of bait securing rods that include 4-vertical rods and 2 L-shaped horizontal rods.

For more long-lasting and more excellent durability, the mouse station has the right hinges installed. The bait securing rod is used, especially during rainy seasons if you use the bait outdoors.

It raises the bait and holds it securely from any water accumulated in the station due to the rainfall. On the other hand, the horizontal bait that secure rods are used during the dry season.

Despite its sturdy and durable construction, you cannot install a snap trap inside the unit, which makes it a huge drawback. Instead, you can only use this device with bait blocks to catch mice.


  • Each pack contains six bait stations
  • Constructed with heavy-duty plastic material
  • It is lockable
  • Have real hinges installed for more outstanding durability


  • No snap trap installed inside the device

Venditor Rodent Bait Station

This green-colored bait station from Venditor is designed with a weather-resistant lid so that you can place it under bushes or around the yard.

It comes with a semi-translucent cover so that you can monitor the bait without opening the lid. It is lockable and requires two keys to open.

Overall the bait station is compact that measures 9 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall.

Hence, it allows the device to fit into most tight spaces, such as behind the refrigerator, furniture, appliances, and cabinets. They are a bit lightweight though, which allows you to anchor them on bricks or pave them with stones on top so that they will be held in place.

Venditor is an excellent brand for bait stations; they include two keys for each bait station.

Plus, they also have two charcoal bags to absorb odors, especially for mice who died immediately after feeding on the bait.

What’s so good about this bait station is that it comes with four unlocking keys so you’ll never run out of keys, just in case you misplace them. It also includes snapping traps in the packaging.


  • It includes two keys for each bait station
  • Comes with a semi-translucent cover for monitoring
  • It is compact so that it can fit tight spaces
  • Comes with a tamper-resistant feature


  • It is too lightweight

Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Bait Station

If you are looking for something sturdy and durable, which you can use both for controlling and baiting annoying mice; therefore, this tamper-proof bait station from Protecta might be your best bet.

Protecta has been known in the market that manufactures a variety of bait stations in different designs and sizes.

Just like with other varieties of Protecta that comes black colour, made from durable materials, and are lockable, with Protecta Sidekick it comes with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

It comes in a rectangular shape as opposed to the other varieties of Protecta that is triangular form.

To give you an overview of the station, it has four vertical rods, which you can put all of them at the same time, holding your bait blocks in a stable position.

These rods are firm and sturdy to minimize the risk of accidental exposure to your pets and kids. When the bait is inside, you need to secure the lid and then place the station where mice will most likely meet the station.

You may sit in corners, along the walls, in the fence line, on the roof, behind furniture, and other tiny places. Once the bait station is locked, it will now be activated to resist all kinds of tampering. It works well for both indoor and outdoor settings.

However, there is a slight drawback in the design of the station. It requires two keys simultaneously to open the bait station. Well, it is easy to open if you have two keys, but the problem is that it only ships one key per order.


  • Tamper-resistant
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • UV-resistant
  • Durable construction


  • It comes with only one key
  • Needs to be elevated when used outside (during the rainy season)


What are mouse bait stations

Bait stations are like bait boxes regulated by EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

They are tamper-resistant bait boxes but are designed with small openings to allow the entry of mice. No worries if you have pets such as dogs and cats since they deter larger animals from entering.

These bait stations are not traps; instead, they are devices that hold a bait block (smells and looks like rodent food) securely inside to prevent children and pets from coming into contact with it, preventing them from any forms of accidental poisoning.

Moreover, the bait station needs to meet minimum standards, such as resisting biting and gnawing by other animals. Besides, bait stations can resist being opened by people using their bare hands.

How do mouse bait stations work

Mouse bait stations are small, inconspicuous boxes, which can be placed around the room. Inside the bait station are metal rods that hold the bait block in place.

The blocks are made with holes bored through them, specifically for that purpose. The blocks contain attractants such as peanut butter or any peanut butter flavor food to allure mice to get in the bait.

Once they go inside, the mouse eats the bait and will die immediately. What’s so good about them is that they are reusable; you can use them many times, just make sure you clean them regularly.

The active ingredient varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but here are some of the most common active ingredients:


Bromadiolone is a second-generation anticoagulant that causes internal bleeding. It can kill a mouse in just a single feeding.


It is characterized as a pale, odorless, crystalline solid compound, which acts on the central nervous system, resulting in the disruption of ATP production. It can kill mice in just one nibble.


Another anticoagulant bait that is weaker than other baits is Diphacinone. Since it is more vulnerable, it requires multiple feeding before it can result in death.

Having any of these active ingredients can kill mice, and even Norway and roof rats.

How to use a mouse bait station

If you are using poison to get rid of rodents, you must strictly follow the label’s directions. Remember that poisons are not recommended for severe mice infestations because they can die in hard to reach areas and cause a bad smell.

Always secure the bait stations so that it will not be in reach to children, pets, and wild animals.

When using the bait station inside the house, just open the bait station and insert the included metal rods. Slide the blocks over the metal rods until they are all full.

Once it is full, close the lids and firmly press down until it clicks in place. Place the bait station in areas where you see the most mice droppings.

On the other hand, when placing bait stations outside, consider all the areas where it should be placed, such as storage sheds, fence rows, and woodpiles. They should be set 50 feet apart, along with landscape areas or surrounding buildings.

Another important note to remember is to place the bait station flush against a wall where mice will undoubtedly encounter it.

Are mouse bait stations safe for pets and children

Mouse bait stations are safe as long as they meet the tamper and safety-resistance guidelines. Also, bait stations are usually designed to trap mice and deter large animals from coming in.

A refillable bait station is safer around pets and children than mouse traps that close in just a snap and injure the tiny mouse’ fingers and toes. However, if you have small pets, they can be harmed by snap traps, too, so be cautious when using these bait stations.

What is in a mouse bait

Mouse bait contains some rodenticide mixed with substances that are attractive to mice. Usually, it is a mixture of phosphides or other poisons and rodent treat to draw the mice into the trap. Homeowners typically use everyday pantry items such as sweet or fatty foods like peanut butter, soft cheese, and even wet dog food will work.

Whatever will work, a bait station’s main task is to let the mice enter the station and eat the bait, which will kill them immediately after they leave the station.

What happens if your pet eats mouse bait

Most bait stations sold in the market contain very potent poison inside, which will be deadly to your pets and other animals. However, each mouse bait station is equipped with specific protective measures and meets the safety standards.

For example, the holes designed for the width suitable for mice to penetrate, but not suited for cats and dogs.

If this happens accidentally, here are the signs of mouse bait toxicity:

  • Lethargy
  • Bruising under the skin
  • Presence of blood in the urine or feces
  • Bleeding from the nose

Once you suspect your pet has eaten the mouse bait, bring them straight to the vet clinic and have them check.

Wrap Up

Regardless you are a farmer trying to control the mice population around your farm, or a homeowner trying to get rid of mice from your house, keep in mind that mice bring health risks.

Please make sure you are vigilant for any signs of their presence because they will eat and destroy anything around them. It is never too late to take precautionary measures to control the situation.

You may conduct a visual inspection of your property, checking your home for open pipes, gaps in the foundation walls, chimneys, and then sealing them immediately.

Eliminating all possible food sources in your garbage cans, crumbs underneath the living room, or any dropped food on the kitchen floor.

Doing your part in sealing entry points and getting rid of all possible food sources do not help much; then maybe it is time to invest in the right mouse bait station.

There are many different options available for controlling mice infestation in your home; you may refer to the above review post to know the best mouse bait stations.

In this review post, you will get to know the different varieties of mouse bait stations to help you decide which best mouse bait station is suitable for your home.

The best one in my opinion is Tomcat Rodent Station.

However, if you cannot prevent them from using bait stations, it is best to seek help from a pest management firm to call a mice exterminator.