Snakes are generally unpopular creatures, and many people repelled by them. Unfortunately, people usually find snakes in their homes and property because they are attracted by the presence of food items and a shelter.

Many snake species are actually very beneficial to the environment because they eat pests, such as rats, mice, slugs, insects, and others.

Due to my occupation, I have no issues with serpents, but I understand that most people want to get rid of them, and preferably without harming their children and pets.

Below I presented two of my favorite snake repellents and full reviews of five most effective products.

Top Picks


Snake Repellent

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Snake Stopper

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5 Best Snake Repellents Safe for Dogs

Now let us review some of the best snake repellents.

These products have been chosen for their variety, availability, and usefulness.

ZenExcellence Solar Snake Repellent

ZenExcellence is an ultrasonic natural deterrent that is safe for pets. It is for use in the home, garden, lawn, and yard. It stops snakes, rodents, and voles and does not kill them. It is a natural pest control product.

Product Description

ZenExcellence Solar Repellent is a waterproof solar and sonic snake and mole repellent device made of spikes that you can install around your lawn and property.

It is suitable for all kinds of weather and acts faster than chemical-based snake repellents. It is weatherproof as well and is functional even in rainy conditions or during the cold of winter. 

This product lets you do away with live traps and will humanely repel snakes, moles, gophers, groundhogs, voles, mice, rats, and all other rodents within its range.

It does not poison the creatures that it repels, and its ultrasonic pulse just compels them to leave the area and stay away.

Generally, it requires approximately two weeks to be able to completely repel the snakes, after which your property will then become free from these pests continuously afterward.

ZenExcellence Solar Repellent powered by a built-in rechargeable solar battery that does not need to be replaced.

The sonic spike is installed by putting it in a pilot hole on the ground or soil and activated there.

Once turned on, it will emit sonic pulses that are penetrating to the senses of snakes, moles, and gophers and sends them running away from the range of the pulse.

Each pulse penetrates the soil regularly every 30 seconds, which is extremely irritating to burrowing animals. It affects creatures that have exceptionally sensitive senses for vibrations and sound, including snakes.

With this device, you do not need to utilize live traps any longer and will not need to relocate or kill the pests you want to eliminate on your property.

It is also easy to activate and install. It is best to use in moist clay due to its high sound conductance. In sandy soil, the spikes must be located closer to each other, with more spikes needed for the same area of coverage.

A spike is recommended to be installed for every 96 feet of area in order to have optimal performance.

It is also 100% dog and child-safe, because there are no poisons or chemicals used.

For full satisfaction, there is also an offer for refund and replacement should the customer be dissatisfied with the product in any way. 


ZenExcellence Solar Repellent is a highly effective product that has many advantages over other snake repellent products in the market. In the area where I live, where there are a lot of snakes and ground squirrels, they really cause considerable trouble and headaches.

The ground squirrels dig the dirt from the driveway and always causes the soil to spill and become messy. Meanwhile, the rodents that are living and proliferating in the area are attracting snakes, which my wife fears very much.

We needed an urgent solution to reclaim our peace of mind and maintain order in our property.

ZenExcellence scares away two of my problems: the rodents and the snakes. It hits two problems with one “stone.”

It is also very advantageous because it needs little maintenance, considering that it is solar-powered and the batteries recharge themselves.

In other words, the product is not labor-intensive and is so convenient. In addition, it can also be easily installed and is not intrusive.

I like that this product does not use dangerous chemicals that may harm my dogs and my kids.

In addition, I also love that it does not get diluted in both substance and efficacy, even if there is rain or inclement weather.

Runadi Mole and Snake Repellent

The Runadi Mole and Snake Repellent are similar to other sonic-based snake repellent products that are constructed as spikes for installation in holes in the ground.

This product is recommended because the benefits that this type of repellent offers really confer a big advantage compared to chemical snake repellents that use harmful ingredients.

In other words, the solar-powered sonic repellent is superior to chemical repellent products.

Product Description

The Runadi solar snake and mole deterrent is very useful in the home and garden for getting rid of troublesome pest animals.

It is composed of a sonic-emitting frequency that serves to repel snakes, gophers, chipmunks, moles, and many other rodents and burrowing animals.

It starts functioning after being turned on. It is installed by making a pilot hole using a steel or wooden rod. The device is then thrust into the soil, keeping it two inches above the ground.

The device has an effective range of 7,000 sq. ft. It emits a sonic frequency of 400+/-1000 Hz. It emits a buzzer sound for repelling snakes.

It is solar-powered so that there is little maintenance needed for replacing batteries. They will recharge by themselves as the sun hits their panel. The plastic material part is composed of ABS Plastic.

To use it, the device must be turned on and the battery charged under the sun for four to five hours. This will fully charge it, after which it is now in full capacity and is ready to be used.

It is best installed in moist clay due to the high sound conductance capacity of this ground material. In contrast, peat, sand, and dry soil do not conduct their sonic waves more readily. In such locations, you may expect the device to have lesser effectiveness.

You may expect to have the optimum results from this product after two weeks of continuous use. The ultrasonic technology emits the sonic vibration and waves at about a 30-second interval.

It can repel snakes, groundhogs, moles, gophers, rodents, and various burrowing animal species.

It is waterproof as well so that it is usable in the outdoors. It will not stop functioning on rainy days, either.

It does not need to use poison and chemicals to repel the animals.

Thus, it is a humane option to drive away pests.

Importantly, it is also safe for pet dogs and children precisely because it is non-poison based. It is not harmful to pets or people.

This snake repellent is constructed from premium material that has maximum longevity of use and durability. The manufacturer also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee through a replacement or refund.


This is a nifty technology that is really innovative. It is both friendly to the environment and safe for use with dogs and kids.

It is not composed of harmful chemicals that your dogs or kids may ingest and is therefore extremely safe for them.

Aside from being hazard-free for my dogs, I also love that this device does not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment, especially because I am also an advocate of natural products that are eco-friendly.

I am also quite a busy person so that I really have no time to reapply poison snake repellents around my wide property every now and then.

Sometimes, when these chemical repellents have just been applied, the rain suddenly pours so that the granules are immediately rendered less useful or outright inactivated.

I really have no patience or time to think about these repellents every time there is rain in my locality.

This is why I am additionally happy about this Runadi repellent product. It is both safe for my dogs, convenient, and you can leave it indefinitely and forget about it.

This is especially true because even its batteries recharge themselves without having to need my attention.

There is also an environmental benefit in its solar power recharging. This lessens the need for metals and other components and chemicals for single-use batteries that are an additional burden to our environment.

Overall, it is an eco-friendly repellent product.

I also like its extended range that may not be a feature of its competitor products.

The range is a wide 7,000 square feet of area that is suitable for large yards and gardens. In this way, it becomes more affordable because you need to install fewer of these devices on a large property.

I also love the usual 100% satisfaction guarantee of a replacement or refund for defective and ineffective products.

Revoke Snake Repellent

Revoke snake repellent product’s main feature is its composition of all-natural ingredients. It is, therefore, safe, clean, and easy to use around your pet dogs and kids.

Product Description

This product is safe and easy to use because its all-natural ingredients are composed of a unique blend of mineral salt and essential oils. They repel snakes while staying safe for non-target species, particularly children and dogs.

This product is also biodegradable so that it does little to no harm to our environment. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors without any risks for dogs and cats.

Even if you are afraid of snakes or hate them, many people are now conscious of conserving natural biodiversity, which includes snakes.

Revoke Snake Repellent is an excellent option for a user with this mindset because it does not cause death or injury to reptiles and snakes. It just functions to repel them.

This product is self-contained and is user-friendly. It is environment-friendly as well.

It is a product of a company with over 22 years of experience in pest control.

Its manufacturer, Try-J Enterprises, LLC, made sure that it is both safe for your loved ones and pets while being an effective deterrent.

It can be used in homes, yards, gardens, and other similar areas that are vulnerable to entry by snakes. It can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

It is available as a 3-pack with a patented delivery system.


The thing that is most attractive about Revoke Snake Repellent is its patented delivery system that releases its all-natural ingredients. This provides the convenience of use.

I placed it in areas that have been the sites of snake sightings. I removed the pod from its package, and it immediately started working.

I have been impressed by this product because I only used to think that strong, industrial, and highly-polluting chemicals are capable of eliminating pests.

I also used to think that only mothballs can repel snakes, which is consistent with my previous belief that only strong chemicals can have an effective repelling effect.

This product showed me that I was wrong in my assumptions.

The manufacturer of the Revoke snake repelling product has shown their expertise backed by more than two decades of solid experience as an industry player in the field of animal and pest control.

Next to sonic snake repellent products, this all-natural snake repellent is my personal choice.

This is especially due to the fact that this product does not cause harm to snakes because even if I do not want them anywhere near my property, I also do not want them to die cruelly or unnaturally.

I want to be humane, even to animals that I do not like.

Just because I don’t want certain animals does not mean that I am not aware of their important role in maintaining the health of our planet.

It is lovely to know that Revoke Snake Repellent is a humane solution against snakes, effectively repelling them while not harming them and not harming Mother Earth as well.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence is another chemical snake repellent that is safe for use for your dogs.

It has a taste- and scent-repelling formula that does not harm plants, animals, or kids if it is used according to the manufacturer’s directions on the label.

Product Description

Liquid Fence is described as an invisible barrier with clearly effective results. It has a combination of active ingredients that works immediately to obstruct a snake’s highly sensitive senses of smell and taste.

It is a formula that does not contain harmful naphthalene so that it is safe for plants, animals, kids, dogs and other pets, and wildlife.

It is applicable in the backyard, the garden, and the patio. It can be applied around the perimeter of these areas to help in curbing snake presence and activity for several weeks.

It helps give the people in your home peace of mind because there are fewer unwelcome surprises of snake sightings. The product can be applied all year around your property to reduce the incidences of snakes in your vicinity.

It comes in a five-pound container that can cover about 2,500 square feet of property.

The product needs reapplication regularly, and it must also be reapplied after heavy rainfall. In places where there is intense snake activity, it may be necessary to apply the product more often and in higher amounts.


I still need to verify and repeat the results I have gotten with this product.

So far, I have had mixed results, where I have seen annoying snakes that have been hanging out in one area of my property gone after the application of the product.

On another side of my yard, however, the product did not seem to compel a snake there to disappear.

It is relatively a newcomer to me, appearing only a week before. I have applied the Liquid Fence in the area where it frequents, but so far, it is not having the desired effect.

I must admit that I may have neglected to totally enclose my property with a full barrier of this product, which may be the reason that the repelling effect is not complete.

However, in my garage, I have had regular visitors from a number of snakes, probably because I have a persistent rodent problem in it.

I did notice that upon using this product around my garage, I never saw them again. So there is really something in this product that is clearly working.

At least, it does something for my peace of mind because I have seen partial effects.

I cannot attribute the failure to the product, only to my own lack of diligence in encompassing my entire yard with the repellent. I will have to reapply and check again for better results.

Bonide Snake Stopper

Bonide Snake Stopper is a snake repellent in a 4-lb. container that has a strong and effective blend of USDA-recommended and all-natural ingredients.

Its ingredients include cedar oil, clove oil, inert sulfur, and cinnamon oil. This combination effectively and safely repels snakes from your yard, shed, garden, campsite, and home.

Product Description

This product is safe for use around dogs and children, as long as it is applied properly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You can let your pets and children play even in the area of your yard or garden where it has been applied.

It has the added benefit of having all-natural ingredients that do not harm snakes. It only has a repelling action. It also repels other reptiles, particularly lizards. It triggers the reptiles’ avoidance and escapes behavior.

It is simply a deterrent and is not classified as a snake bait nor poison. It is not a trap, either. It is designed to keep the snakes away from the areas you want them out in a humane manner.

In applying the product on your property, follow the directions on the product label.

Bonide Snake Stopper is meant to be dispensed as a band to form a barrier that encompasses the area you want to protect. It is important not to water the dispensed product.

Do not dispense this product over crops that are intended as human food or animal feed. It can be used in controlled environments indoors, such as the shed and garage. It also works well outdoors in ornamental gardens.

It is a Bonide product, a brand that has been trusted by the public since 1926. Bonide provides quality solutions and products for your home, garden, and lawn pest problems.

The Bonide brand goal is to help the consumer in their pest problem from the first sign of pest trouble up to the final pest solution. It develops its products based on this company principle.


I find this product works well as advertised. It did not have any negative effect when my kids and my dogs are playing in the general area where it has been applied. I highly recommend it for use in the home.

I am happy that it contains all-natural ingredients without harmful naphthalene that can make my family sick.

I also do not want to harm snakes on my property; I want them to live and let live. However, their presence is quite disconcerting, so that I do not want to see them around my home.

I found that the product did repel a snake that I once saw near the barrier I made. I believe that the band of granules should indeed be thick enough in order to be effective.

Once, my neighbor inadvertently disturbed and disrupted the band of the barrier, and a day later, I found snakes entering that very opening in the barrier.

Since closing it up again, I never found snakes there again, even though it is their main entry point from the woods where they came from.

I have also had questions about the product that their customer service agent has been happy to answer for me. They are friendly, and they offer nice deals for their product. I can surely say that I will buy more of their products in the future.

Yesterday, heavy rain fell, and the product was soaked thoroughly. I may have to reapply it in order to maintain its efficacy. So far, however, I have not seen any snakes invading my yard, so I will have to wait and see.

For now, I am completely satisfied with the product and will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Choosing the Best Snake Pet Safe Repellent

There are many factors to consider when considering the use of snake repellents. There are also varied types of snake repellent products, and before you buy one, you should carefully choose the right product for you.

Must have components of snake repellents

A lot of snake repellent products use or include as their active ingredient the chemical called naphthalene.

It is derived from the black walnut tree, and it is a strong-smelling chemical that can cause retinal and nerve damage. It is the active ingredient of mothballs.

Supposedly, the smell of naphthalene is unpleasant for snakes, so that if it is present in an area, snakes will apparently be repelled by it.

There are also snake repellent products that use sulfur, and its strong smell supposedly has the same repelling effect on snakes as naphthalene.

In other snake repellent products, the active ingredients also include environmentally friendly chemicals such as essential oils. Such oils come from clove, cinnamon, peppermint, castor, and the oils of other plants.

The sensory capacity of snakes

Many scents and odors are unpleasant for snakes because these animals have a keen sense of “smelling” and “tasting.”

Snakes have nostrils that have an olfactory function, but they do not rely heavily on it. Instead, to detect something in the environment, snakes will sniff them and then flick their tongues.

The tongues of snakes can collect these chemical particles in the air, which they bring back to their mouths and deliver to a special organ at the roof of the mouth or palate. This organ is known as the Jacobson’s organ or vomeronasal organ.

Some of these odors are toxic or hurtful to snakes so that when they detect these odors, they generally avoid them.

Other types of snake repellents use a sonic frequency. This frequency cannot be detected by humans but are detectable by snakes.

This frequency emits a “noise” that is supposedly irritating and unpleasant for snakes so that they will remove themselves from the range of the frequency and try to avoid the area in the future.

The Risks Posed by Snake Repellents

Some snake repellents pose a risk to pets such as dogs because they are toxic and can result in illness or death when the animal is exposed to them or eat them.

Ingredients like naphthalene cause damage to the nervous system and is considered a carcinogen by the US EPA of Environmental Protection Agency.

Carcinogens are chemicals or substances that have the potential to cause cancer or increase the possibility for an animal or human to develop cancer.

Essential oils and sonic snake repellants have no carcinogenic properties and are even environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable.

Desirable Properties of Snake Repellent Products

There are three general factors to consider when choosing the right snake repellent for you. These are its strength, its effectiveness, and its cost.


Some snake repellents are not affected by the elements, while other repellent products dissolve or are weakened by wind and rain.

Some snake repellent formulas also have a longer-lasting effect compared to others. It is thus essential to choose wisely and look at their ingredients.


This factor can be determined by testing the product in actual use. Some of the products are only effective on particular snake species, while other products have broader effectiveness across many snake types.

Some products only affect several days, while others can last longer. If the product has lost its effectiveness, it will have to be reapplied in the area.

In general, snake repellents cannot be expected to work 100% of the time.

After all, they only function to repel the snakes and not physically prevent them from entering your property. There are many other ways by which snakes can gain entry through your yard or home that repellents cannot prevent.

Based on actual use, field tests, and scientific studies and experiments, most snake repellents are not completely effective on snake species. Between various kinds of snakes, repellents may work better or have lesser effectiveness.

While snakes definitely smell and sense the active ingredients of chemical repellent products, they do slow down because they find the scent unpleasant.

However, this will not completely prevent them from forcing their way despite the repulsive smell if they are really determined to enter your property.

Snake repellents are usually meant to complement or supplement a more general and more encompassing pest and snake control and prevention system or plan that is designed to reduce or eliminate the snakes around your yard, garden, and home.


The wide range of prices of snake repellents reflects their variety.

These products can range from 8 dollars to 60 dollars. The price depends on the active ingredients, and price also affects the kind of repellent being considered.

Some repellents, like the sonic types, need electricity to work and should be recharged.

These sonic repellents usually have longer effectiveness compared to chemical repellents. You can therefore expect them to be more expensive.

However, sonic type snake repellents do not need regular reapplication, and so they may be cheaper in the long run.


There are many good products on the market, but if you are looking for the best snake repellents that will not harm your family, then it is safe to go with my two favorites:

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