When it comes to solving a bed bug infestation, it’s not enough that you kill adult bed bugs. You should also zoom in on bed bug eggs, which will introduce into your bedroom a new generation of bed bugs in six to ten days.

Killing bed bugs is easier said than done.

In fact, professional bed bug exterminators themselves agree that bed bugs can be challenging to exterminate. Bed bug eggs are harder to deal with than adult ones.

That’s because aside from being protected by hard shells, the eggs are also usually safely hidden in cracks and crevices.

Are you planning on dealing with a bed bug infestation with your own two hands to save some cash?

Then it’s a definite must that you eliminate bed bug eggs, too. Otherwise, it is likely for a reinfestation to strike in a little over a month after the eggs have hatched and the nymphs have matured.

Many of the products that you can get your hands on necessary for DIY extermination, luckily, are formulated to destroy bed bug eggs, too.

Especially when used according to manufacturer directions, ending the infestation minus getting in touch with professional bed bug exterminators is possible.

But still, not all bed bug killer spray options in the current market are created equal.

Failure to opt for the right one can keep you from dealing with bed bugs and their eggs.

Other than flushing your money down the drain, it may also leave you with no other choice but to let the experts spring into action, which doesn’t come cheap. So, in other words, the costs can easily pile up!

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What to Look for in a Bed Bug Egg Killing Product

Bed bug spray — where to buy one, especially something that can destroy bed bug eggs? Well, you can purchase it from the local hardware or home improvement store.

You may also try heading to a garden tools and supplies shop, especially because bed bugs can live around your home, too.

Shopping on the internet is also a great idea as there’s a wider selection of sprays available there.

To make sure that the product will be able to destroy bed bug eggs effectively and keep everyone at home, especially kids and pets, out of harm’s way, see to it that it has some really important features.

Here are some of those that you should check out before placing an item in your shopping cart:

Safe and Natural

When trying to deal with a bed bug infestation, it’s not just adult bed bugs and their eggs that you should focus on. It’s also a must that you ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones.

Commercially sold bed bug sprays, including those that are powerful enough to wipe out bed bug eggs on contact, are not as strong as the kinds used by the experts.

Still, many of them contain chemicals that may cause skin irritation and respiratory issues. As always, safety comes first.

As much as you possibly can, stick to a product that has all-natural ingredients only, such as essential oils. If the one you are eyeing contains synthetic ingredients, double-check that the item is safe for indoor use.


Back in the 1940s, the very first synthetic insecticide called DDT was made. Short for dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, it was extremely effective for exterminating bed bugs and other insects, too.

However, back in the 1970s, many countries banned the use of DDT. That’s because it damaged the environment.

While it is very much unlikely for any of today’s bed bug spray’s active ingredient to be DDT, inspect the packaging very well to see whether or not it is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If it’s not EPA-registered, immediately look for another product to keep Mother Earth safe and happy.


The best bed bug spray for indoor use does not have an overpowering smell that can force bed bugs out of their hiding places and drive the entire household out of the home, too.

While it’s true that a product with essential oils, many of which can kill bed bugs and their eggs, can give off an unmistakable odor, it is likely to be pleasing.

But don’t get me wrong — there are essential oil-containing sprays in the market that can irritate the nose, too, making the DIY bed bug extermination a nightmarish ordeal.

Consider looking for a product that’s odorless. Or you may stick to something with a mild or pleasing smell. Before you put an item in your cart, it’s a good idea to first take a quick look at how consumers find the way it smells.

Trouble-Free to Use

Every homeowner facing a bed bug infestation wants to eliminate those blood-sucking creatures ASAP so that they, as well as their loved ones, can go back to having normal lives.

This is why it’s a good idea for you to look for a product that can be used right away, requiring no measuring and mixing of ingredients.

Consider going for a bed bug spray that can make it easier for you to deal with a bed bug infestation.

For instance, some products out there have straw tips that make it trouble-free for them to be sprayed in cracks and crevices where bed bug eggs are usually found.

Others have trigger sprays, the majority of which allows the consumers to dispense the contents by means of spraying, misting, or squirting.


One of the reasons why some homeowners prefer to take care of bed bugs on their own rather than leave the job to professional bed bug exterminators is to save some cash — professional extermination isn’t cheap!

If you are one of them, it can be very tempting to opt for the cheapest bed bug egg killer spray that you can find online or offline.

Before you shell out money for it, make sure that you check out ratings and reviews first. Some products are cheaper than most because they do not work.

What you need to do is look for something that is proven effective, as evidenced by a lot of very satisfied consumers, yet carries a price tag that won’t leave a gigantic hole in your pocket.

Refrain from rushing when shopping for a spray for killing adult bed bugs and destroying bed bug eggs. Otherwise, you may end up not only wasting money but also prolonging the infestation in your bedroom.

Below, I will review some of the top killer sprays around to help you make a choice without much trouble.

Here Are Best Natural Bed Bug Egg Killer Sprays

Again, it’s not enough that you kill adult bed bugs. For the infestation to come to an end, it’s also a must that you destroy bed bug eggs.

Otherwise, even after eliminating all adult bed bugs, you may face a reinfestation after a few weeks since the eggs will hatch and the baby bed bugs will become adults capable of mating.

It’s a good thing that many bed bug insecticidal sprays are also capable of dealing with bed bug eggs. Arm yourself with the right one, and you can considerably increase your success rate!

Here are some of the best that I have personally given a try…

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

Active Ingredients: Plant extracts
Sizes Available: 2 ounces and 16 ounces

The packaging says it all — EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer is good not only for destroying eggs but also killing bed bugs that are resistant to pesticides.

The saga of pesticide-resistant bed bugs began when the use of DDT ended, which I briefly talked about earlier. Currently, many bed bugs are able to survive a number of pesticides.

Fortunately, this product does not rely on pesticides to work. The maker says that it contains plant extracts, particularly those that are scientifically proven to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs, too.

The moment I started spraying EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer on the mattress and various hiding places, I realized that it has a rather strong smell.

Luckily, it’s not irritating. I also noticed that the overpowering odor did not linger for a long time. Despite this, the product is being marketed as something that offers residual protection.

Key Features:

  • Contains ingredients extracted from plants.
  • Promises to get rid of bed bugs in all life stages.
  • The strong odor dissipates quickly.

Harris Bed Bug Killer

Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid, n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, d-phenothrin
Available Size: 1 gallon

Upon checking out the list of ingredients, I had second thoughts about using Harris Bed Bug Killer. That’s because it contains ingredients that are, based on their names alone, clearly synthetic.

However, the product is registered with the EPA, which means that it’s safe for the environment and suitable for use in homes with people and pets.

Just as I suspected, the entire room reeked of a weird chemical smell as soon as I started to use it. The good news is that the smell went away completely after some time.

While the included trigger spray is a delight to use, unfortunately, Harris Bed Bug Killer comes in a one-gallon container that can make it cumbersome to douse bed bug hiding places with the product.

I had to use a smaller spray bottle, which didn’t come with the purchase, to make the application trouble-free.

Key Features:

  • Registered with the EPA.
  • Has a chemical-like odor that goes away in no time.
  • Extended residual effect.

Harris 5-Minute Bed Bug Killer

Active Ingredients: Clothianidin, metofluthrin, piperonyl butoxide
Available Sizes: 32 ounces and 128 ounces

Because of the rave Harris 5-minute Bed Bug Killer reviews online, I thought I should also give this product a try.

To make it yield faster results, it contains a new batch of active ingredients, each one evidently synthetic.

The good news is that, just like the Harris product I reviewed above, it’s also EPA-registered. That is more than enough to get rid of my fears and doubts safety-wise.

What I realized is that its smell was not as overpowering as the other one. And, as expected, it went away after several minutes.

I tried spraying Harris Bed Bug Killer Gold Label on crawling bed bugs, and it didn’t take long before all of them stopped attempting to run to safety altogether.

However, there’s really no way to test if it could destroy bed bug eggs just as quickly. To be sure, I recommend dousing bed bug eggs with generous amounts of it.

Key Features:

  • Promises to kill bed bugs and destroy eggs in just five minutes.
  • Available in a couple of sizes.
  • Registered with the EPA.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill

Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin
Available Size: 32 ounces

According to the maker, Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer is formulated to kill bed bugs in their various life stages. It’s also effective for destroying bed bug eggs.

For best results, it’s recommended to apply the product every two weeks, which makes it ideal for homeowners who are too busy to deal with bed bugs all the time.

What’s so nice about this bed bug and bed bug egg killer is that it’s water-based. Unlike some sprays that I have tested, it didn’t leave behind a greasy film or stain on surfaces. And by the way, it also came with a cheap price tag.

Unfortunately, the product is not that friendly to aquatic creatures. It’s no wonder why, on the maker’s website, one of the many Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer precautions is to avoid using it when rain is predicted within 24 hours.

This is to prevent its chemicals from being blown or washed into the environment.

Key Features:

  • Has a pocket-friendly price tag.
  • Reapplications are two weeks apart.
  • Water-based.

Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer

Active Ingredients: Neem oil and other plant extracts
Available Sizes: 3 ounces and 16 ounces

First things first: The minute that you spray Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer generously, your bedroom will be filled with neem oil’s nutty slash garlicky smell.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to open the windows to make it go away. The maker recommends keeping all windows and doors closed for four hours for the best results.

But that’s okay because, according to numerous scientific investigations, neem oil is one of the most effective all-natural ingredients when it comes to exterminating bed bugs and destroying their eggs.

Since it’s EPA-approved, you can rest assured that everyone and the environment are out of harm’s way.

However, after reentering the room, I had to wipe off surfaces because the product left a thin greasy film.

But I wondered if I should not have done that to enjoy the maker’s claim that it has a residual effect for two to three weeks.

Key Features:

  • Does not contain synthetic ingredients.
  • Effective for dust mites, too.
  • The residual effect lasts for two to three weeks.

Premo Bed Bug & Mite Spray

Active Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, citric acid
Size Available: 24 ounces

One of the nicest things about Premo Bed Bug & Mite Spray is that it contains nothing but all-natural ingredients — you can find many of them in all sorts of cosmetic products.

But don’t let this fool you. The product also has essential oils, which are proven effective for killing bed bugs and destroying their eggs, too.

EPA-registered, using it is safe even when there are kids and pets around. It may be gentle on the skin and nose, but it’s unkind to those blood-sucking critters (and dust mites, too) as it can exterminate them on contact.

Honestly, Premo Bed Bug & Mite Spray is one of the most nice-smelling bed bug egg killer spray options that I have tested. It has a peppermint aroma that is kind of energizing and uplifting.

Also, it doesn’t leave a stain, which makes it ideal for applying directly to mattresses, furniture pieces, and various surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Works on bed bugs and dust mites.
  • Has a nice smell.
  • Does not leave stains.

Bed Bug Patrol

Active Ingredients: Essential oils
Size Available: 3.3 ounces

Thanks to its proprietary blend of essential oils, Bed Bug Patrol can zap bed bugs and their eggs on contact.

You just have to make sure that you apply the product to all potential hiding places to put an end to the bed bug infestation. You can also spray it on your mattress before bedtime — it’s 100% natural.

Unlike many bed bug insecticidal sprays, this one comes with a pleasing lemony scent. There is also no need to wait for some time before you reenter your room.

Did you know that bed bugs can also infest an airplane?

If you don’t want to risk it each time you fly, you’ll be more than happy to know that Bed Bug Patrol is FAA-approved to be taken with you to an airplane!

No passenger has to think that you are trying to rid your seat of bed bugs as it doesn’t smell like insecticide.

Key Features:

  • Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils.
  • Has a lemony scent.
  • Can be taken on an airplane.

Just Before You Hunt Down Bed Bug Eggs

When choosing which bed bug insecticidal spray you should purchase, make sure that it can deal with not only adult bed bugs but also their eggs.

Otherwise, you might encounter a reinfestation in a few weeks’ time, even after exterminating every single adult bed bug residing in your bedroom.

I hope that the quick reviews of various bed bug egg killer spray products above have given you a much better idea of which one to go for in your quest to put an end to a bed bug infestation via the DIY way.

In case if you are still undecided I strongly suggest going with one of Harris products, such as HARRIS 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer.