Nobody wants pests in their storage unit. However, sometimes the things you accidentally do when packing items on your storage unit can allure unwanted pests. Hence, before you knew it, an infestation can occur. You must know how to keep these pests out of your storage.

Well, this is made possible if you have the best storage containers to keep mice out. For instance, mice are invading your hard-earned food storage; you need to protect your pantry from unwanted pests using rodent-proof storage containers.

Therefore, you will get to know the best storage containers available in the market today so that mice won’t access any of your stored items.

My 2 Favorite Storage Containers

Before that, here are the things you need to consider when buying storage containers.

What To Look For In The Best Storage Containers [Buyers Guide]

Before you start scrolling, here are some things to ponder upon when shopping for storage containers.

What Needs To Be Stored?

To determine what type of storage container for you, you need to consider everything you want to fit in the container.

So collect all the items you are no longer using. Stack your things in one corner of your room to help you determine precisely what your needs are. You might be surprised that you have a lot to pack away than you think of.

Measure your stack, from largest up to the smallest one. In this way, you will know the dimensions to look for in a container.

It is also the right time to sort items that can be reused and pull out things that can be discarded or given to charities. Make sure to store items you want to keep.

Do You Want A Colored Or Clear Storage Container?

Storage containers, especially plastics, come in different colors. Many homeowners like to pick a different color depending on what items they are storing.

For example, Christmas decorations are stored in red containers, sports equipment in the blue one, seasonal clothing in a green container, etc.

However, some people opt for clean storage containers to see right away if an item is in the bin without emptying the whole container.

Choosing clear containers can also make your storage more uniform and simple. Besides, clear containers are easier to find and more readily available than specific colors.

What Is The Fill Weight?

Even though you bought the lightest storage container, it is easy to forget how light the empty storage container once added all your stuff to it.

To keep your storage container movable, look for the biggest container that will allow you to move it quickly, even if it’s filled with items.

Look for bins that have mini wheels at the bottom so that you can move it quickly without straining your back, pushing it, or carrying it from one place to another.

Also, consider what the things you will pack in the storage container are.

Let’s say you are storing books, opt for small containers. If you are storing pillows and blankets, you can choose large containers and remain lightweight.

Where Will The Container Go?

Remember that the storage container will have to fit in the designated spot in your home. Even if you have the perfect container, it will be useless if it does not fit your storage space.

When you measure the items, you need to store, also measure the designated storage space. Make sure to find a container that will suit both measurements.

In addition, consider the weight of the container once it is full if you plan to keep it on shelves or other areas with a weight limit.

Is There A Secure Lid?

The most important thing when purchasing a storage container is the secure lid. Examine this secure lid and make sure that the lid fits perfectly and is not damaged.

If the secure lid is broken, mice will get easy access to your stuff and damage the items inside it. If you are stacking the container, assess whether the lids will support that.

Stackable containers usually have an extra lip on the lid that corresponds with an opposite lip on the container’s bottom to prevent the stack containers from slipping off to one another.

Before you settle the containers you plan to stack, stack them with their lids to make sure they are in organized formats.

How To Use Storage Containers?

If you are an organized person, storage containers are your go tos. However, since mice love to build their nests on unbothered areas such as your storage containers, you need to know how to use these storage bins properly to avoid such incidence.

While these storage containers can be a great way to organize your belongings, storage bins can also distract some people from the decluttering process.

Some people are tempted to use the container’s size to determine what are the things to keep, instead of focusing on the decisions whether an item is worthy of keeping.

So, if you are going to use storage containers, you need to declutter the items first and then categorize them before choosing the storage containers. In this way, you can maximize the space and makes the best use of the storage bin.

Identify Belongings For Deep Storage

You are no longer using these items but hold sentimental value, such as old yearbooks, photos, childhood memorabilia, and wedding photos.

Since these items are not accessed regularly and may hold great value to you, store them in containers that will keep them safe.

It is because these kinds of materials, like photo papers, cartons, are a great nesting place for mice. You may use a plastic-lidded tub or an acid-free box to store such sentimental items.

Identify Items For Occasional Storage

Things you use occasionally or infrequently should not consume much space in your home’s main spaces. However, they should still be accessible in times of need.

For example, platters used only for occasions or any important events should not be in the main kitchen cabinets but could be stored at the back corner of your pantry.

In addition to occasional items are holiday decorations, camping equipment, sports equipment, costumes, seasonal clothing, etc.

Organize these items by category so that the retrieval makes it easier, but make sure that the categories will make sense.

For instance, your pumpkin tablecloth is best stored in your Halloween and Thanksgiving storage than in your general entertaining storage.

Identify Commonly Used Items

Commonly used items should be placed in easy-to-access spaces. Using storage containers to house these items provides an extra level of organization.

For instance, using ten ramekins at a time, especially if you love to cook, will let you access them faster if you place them all in one container.

After you identify and categorize your stuff, it is now time to know the best storage containers. One thing to keep in mind, it must not be accessible to all forms of pests like mice, bugs, and small insects.

Storage Containers To Consider

Open Baskets

Open baskets made from rattan, seagrass, canvas, and wire baskets come in various sizes, colors, and patterns that can add an aesthetic vibe to your room.

However, items that should be placed here must include everyday items like laundry, toys, pet supplies, blankets, and pillows, so that the mice won’t have time to build their nests.

Open baskets can help family members organize things since they can readily store the items without opening and closing the lid.

Acid-Free Archival Boxes

Items that can easily destroy must be handled with care. Photographs, albums, scrapbooks, letters, papers, and other paper-based items should be stored in breathable acid-free boxes.

These boxes should be kept away from direct sunlight, humidity, dust, bugs, and other pests.

Usually, such sentimental items are categorized as deep storage, and remember that your deep storage is not a breeding ground for pests like mice.

Mice love warm, dark spots with moisture; besides, papers are good a nesting place for them; therefore, be careful when storing your items that hold sentimental value.

Plastic Container

Plastic containers are not the most environmental-friendly option, yet they are the most effective. They are strong, durable, and lightweight that can protect their contents from pests and moisture.

They are space-saving since they can be stacked and come in various colors, wherein the clear ones are the most preferred because you see the content easily without emptying the container.

There are many choices of plastic containers that you can find and will suit your needs. I suggest keeping the same style of plastic containers in each room so that the containers stacked have a uniform and organized look.

Storage Bags

Storage bags are also a great option. Usually, they are used to keep seasonal clothing or children’s clothing that you are no longer using that can be used by another child.

You may label the bags and arrange them by age, gender, or season so that one storage bag can be pulled out at a time when needed.

Storage bags are typically made of fabric materials; therefore, mice can easily chew onto this and access the stuff inside.

Therefore, sentimental items are not allowed to be placed here. Instead, they are put into containers made of breathable, acid-free materials, just like discussed in the previous section.

Aside from the interior of your house, mice can also infest your garage. Well, here are some tips to keep the mice out of your garage.

Best Storage Containers To Keep Mice Out Of Garage

Aside from using baits and traps to get rid of mice and prevent them from accessing your stuff, another important technique is looking for the best storage containers not to easily access your property.

Hence, here are the best storage containers where mice cannot get into easily:

IRIS USA Weathertight Storage Box

Dimension: 30 x 16 x 15.4 inches

If you are looking for a storage container that can fit any stuff that needs to be stored like clothes, blankets, camping gear, and more, this storage bin from IRIS USA is one of the best options.

It is made from durable and high-quality construction; this storage container features weathertight seals to protect your belongings from moisture, dust, and even pests, making it suitable to be stored anywhere.

While the buckles keep the lid securely in place, the storage container is secured using a padlock or zip tie for a more added piece of protection.

This container is spacious enough and can store around 82 to 87 quart of your stuff. They also come in various sizes wherein the 82 quart-capacity is their smallest, and 19-gallon capacity is their largest.

They are also available in three different colors, such as black, black, and orange, and then a combination of green and gray.

On top of that, these storage containers are designed to be stackable. Each lid has a raised lip at the outer edge that corresponds to the size of the bin’s base; therefore, the containers won’t slip around if they are stacked on top of one another.

Hence, it helps in saving space and can maximize the allotted area for storage. Even though the storage is made of plastic materials, what you keep in will remain fresh and will not smell the plastic.

The construction is superb, wherein you can even sit on top of the bin.


  • Made from durable materials to protect your items from elements
  • It comes with a weathertight seal feature
  • They are stackable
  • The lid latches shut for a secure fit


  • The storage container is heavy, weighing around 9 pounds (empty)
  • No clear color available
  • It does not have a handle.

Sterilite 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote

Dimension: 36.75 x 21.38 x 18 inches

Be confident that your stored items are protected with this storage container from Sterilite.

It is because this container is made from durable plastics, with a tight fit-drip resistant lid so that it is protected from elements like moisture, dust, and pests, especially mice.

This storage bean is a heavyweight, weighing around 13 pounds, and can carry up to 40 gallons of items.

Suppose you are worried about its weight, mostly when it is filled with stuff, no worries since it is designed with wheels and an ergonomic handle that rotates for easy pulling.

It is the ideal, portable solution for storing larger and heavier items. The grooved lid design and keyholes offer tie-downs options to simplify transportation and keep the container in place.

It also features an innovative dip-resistant lid that protects against moisture, humidity, or any elements that make them wet. In contrast, the tight-fit cover keeps the items in place.

On the other hand, the robust latches offer extra security, making the lid stay attached to the base, and the textured surface, ensuring a good grip when carrying or moving it around.

This storage bin is also stackable because it has deeply recessed lids that match the base’s size with the others, providing efficient use and storage. It is designed with channeled walls to provide strength and resist crushing under heavier loads.

Overall, this storage container is ideal for more bulky storage needs like camping gear, sports equipment, tools, and other bulky items.


  • It has handles for lifting
  • It stacks easily
  • It comes with two wheels at the back for easy moving
  • Good value for money


  • The lid does not latch closed
  • It weighs around 13 pounds, which is quite heavy

Extra Large Tall Food Storage Containers

Dimension: 15.6 x 7.5 x 7.4 inches

If you are looking for a food storage container where mice and other pests cannot access it, this food storage container is one of the best options.

This container is so versatile that it can store different food items, such as flour, sugar, grains, chips, cereals, beans, nuts, pasta, coffee, and other dry foods.

To ensure that moisture, dust, and other elements cannot access its content, it comes with side-locking lids to ensure maximum freshness and prolonged storage.

It will secure your food from air and water so that you will not worry about your food being stale.

With their structure, these containers are designed to be stackable so that they will not consume much space and can be easily fitted into your refrigerator, cabinets, or countertops, making your kitchen more organized.

On top of that, these clear containers are dishwasher safe and are made from high-quality plastic materials that are BPA-free. It is user-friendly and can be used right away.


  • Stackable lid design
  • Clear plastic body and lightweight
  • Can store dry and liquid food
  • Air tight and user-friendly
  • Comes with different freebies


  • Lids are not microwave-safe

Rubbermaid ActionPacker Lockable Storage Bin

Dimension: 44.25 x 20.63 x 17.25 inches

If you are looking for a minimalist storage container, these two-tone plastic storage containers from Rubbermaid might be your best bet. It is ideal in storing camping gears, tools, sports equipment, and other large items.

This container is made from quality materials, giving you a reliable lidded home storage bin that can safely fit all your stuff.

It has a strong latching lid that closes securely with the handles attached to the base, keeping the items inside dry, dust-free, and protected against all types of pests.

The container has a recessed lid construction that ensures stability, allowing them to stack securely for maximum use of space, ease of moving, transportation, and more.

The containers are available in different sizes, 8 gallon being the smallest while 48 gallon as the largest.

One major downside of this container is that it has no handle or wheels for moving; you need to carry it to move it around the house.

One of the significant advantages of this container is the lockable latches that add extra security to keep the contents safe and are tamper-resistant.


  • Great value for its Price
  • It can be stacked up for maximum storage
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Perfect for bulky equipment


  • No handle or wheels at the base for easy moving

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear Plastic Containers

Dimension: 18.75 x 13.38 x 10.5 inches

If you are looking for a minimalist storage container, these clear plastic storage containers from Rubbermaid might be your best bet.

It is perfect for everyday organizing, thanks to its easy-to-view straight wall tote design that maximizes the shelf and drawer space. It is ideal for craft supplies, gloves, shoes, toys, kitchen storage, tools, and many more.

This container is made from quality materials, giving you a reliable lidded home storage bin that can safely fit all your stuff.

It has a strong latching lid that closes securely with the handles attached to the base, keeping the items inside dry, dust-free, and protected against all types of pests.

The container has a recessed lid construction that ensures stability, allowing them to stack securely for maximum use of space, ease of moving, transportation, and more.

The handles and storage have a square edge design to fit into cabinets, closets, and other areas. The containers are available in different sizes, 16 quarts being the smallest while 95 quarts as the largest.

One major downside of this container is that it has no handle or wheels for moving; you need to carry it to move it around the house.

One of the significant advantages of being it clear is that you can see what is inside the container without emptying the whole bin.

You can keep them stacked up in one corner and still look uniform and organized. It is ideal for everyday use items like toys, crafts, hats, and others.


  • Great value for its Price
  • It can be stacked up for maximum storage
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Perfect for everyday used items


  • It has only one securing lid
  • No handle or wheels at the base for easy moving
  • The tops do not fit tightly on the bin

Plano Storage Trunk

Dimension: 28 x 15 x 14 inches

This Plano Storage Trunk offers weather-resistant storage wherever you need it. It is made from durable metal materials that is ideal for your bulky and oversized equipment like camping gear and sports equipment.

Despite its structure being durable and heavy duty, it is lockable and is safe and approved in airlines. On top of the container are molded groves, which are designed for easy stacking.

Though it is ideal for bulky items, it can be easily transported or moved around the house because of the built-in wheels at the base of the container.

This container can carry a capacity of 108 quart and is available only in black color. It comes with tie-down brackets on each end and recessed handles. What I love about this container is it includes padlock tabs for added security.


  • Good quality storage container
  • Ideal for heavy and bulky equipment
  • It is lightweight and lockable
  • Easy to use


  • Built-in wheels deteriorate overtime
  • Handles are not handy

Homz Plastic Storage

Dimension: 26.5 x 12.75 x 16.5 inches

Another see-through clear plastic container is the plastic storage from Homz. Homz Clear Storage containers feature ergonomic snap latching closures that ensure the content is secured and cannot be assessed by environmental elements like moisture, dust, and pests.

In fact, these latches securely lock the lid to the box. Each latch comes with a comfortable grip and a hidden handle for easy transport of your bin. Because of this, it helps you to carry the plastic container with ease.

Since it is see-through and transparent, it will keep the contents inside visible to easily find what you need. It is a great option to contain almost any items such as clothing, albums, scrapbooks, seasonal decorations, and anything that you want to keep.

You can also place your kid’s toys like board games, cars, dolls, and books, allowing them to spot and identify them easily.

This clear plastic container was designed to stack multiple containers on top of another to maximize the storage space.

The tops and base of these containers feature grooves to sit to each other when not in use.

The container is also lightweight, weighing around 3 pounds, unlike other storage containers that are heavy even without the item.

Well, if you are looking for a simple, smartly designed storage container, this is your best option, helping you create a clutter-free home.


  • Made from durable see-through, plastic materials
  • It is designed with large ergonomic latches lock
  • It provides a comfortable grip and handles for easy moving
  • Great value for its Price


  • It has no wheels at the bottom for easy transportation
  • It has one secure lid

Akro-Mils Plastic Storage

Dimension: 21.5 x 15.25 x 12.5 inch

This plastic storage is different from the others since it has no latches lock; instead, it has a pull and push mechanism to open and close the container.

The container is made from durable and heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic materials to assure that it can withstand any weight and pressure, making it stackable.

It is a perfect option for garage storage, attics, toys, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and other stuff.

As you notice, the top of the container has six hinged lids on each side so that when you close the lid, it will be perfectly fitted with the other side, making it inaccessible to pests like bugs, mice, roaches, moisture, and dirt.

The container is available only in 12-gallon size and one distinct design: a clear body and a blue lid. Like any other clear plastic container, it allows you to easily see the contents without opening and emptying the container.

Importantly, this container is designed to be stackable. You can stack up to 5 containers without damaging the base container. The container won’t also slip if they are stacked on top of one another.

It is also worth noting that the materials used are acid-free, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your clothes over time; instead, your clothes will remain fresh and clean.

However, it has no handle or wheels to move the container easily without carrying the whole plastic container.


  • It is spacious enough to contain almost any items
  • It has a unique open and close mechanism
  • Great value for its Price
  • It has a clear base


  • It has no handle or wheels
  • No extra lock security

Superio Storage Container, Clear with Blue Handles

Dimension: 21 x 15 x 11.5 inches

Included in the list of rodent-proof containers is the clear storage container from Superio. It is made from durable materials, making it resistant to weight and pressure.

The storage container is designed with specially reinforced bottom, corners, and lids, which help distribute the weight evenly on the container, making it stackable.

Besides, these containers are less likely to break and can withstand many more years of regular use.

What makes this container interesting is the wheels attached to its base to be easily pulled and moved around the house. It helps you avoid hurting your back carrying the whole container because you just need to roll the container to areas you want to simply.

The wheels are not that big; therefore, you can still fit and slide the storage bin in tight areas like under your bed. Its durable latching lid that securely closes the container comes with an airtight feature so that moisture, dust, and pests cannot get inside the plastic bin.

This storage container is available in six sizes, wherein the 6-quart size is the smallest, and the 85-quart size is the largest.

It is available only in one color, which is clear. It has a transparent base and six tiny wheels at the bottom. With this kind of feature, you can easily see what is inside the container without emptying it.

Though it is made from plastic materials, what you store inside will remain fresh and does not have a plastic-like smell.


  • It is made from heavy-duty, plastic materials
  • It comes in an airtight feature so that it will be inaccessible for environmental elements
  • Spacious storage for clothes, shoes, toys, and many more
  • It is stackable and designed with wheels for easy transport


  • Not as clear as it claimed
  • A bit pricey

Can Mice Chew Through Plastic Storage Containers?

While most of the storage containers reviewed are made from plastic materials, does that make them rodent-proof?

Mice can chew through soft plastics, but not with hard, heavy-duty plastic materials. So, make sure that if you want to secure your belongings, you need to look for storage containers made from heavy-duty plastic materials, just like the products reviewed above.

Aside from heavy-duty plastic storage containers, here are other rodent-proof storage containers:

Metal Containers

Metal storage is ideal if you want to keep food like grains, oats, wheat, noodles, and many more away from pests.

Though it may be expensive, it is worth the cost if it keeps rodents away from your food. When using metal containers, place a wooden slab underneath to prevent rust from forming.

If they are sitting on a concrete block, there is a chance for condensation and the bottom part of the metal container to corrode, making it the entry point for mice to get into it.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are usually used to store loose food like beans and lentils. They are usually readily available in the market and come in a gallon, half-gallon jars, etc. When buying glass containers, they come with tight-fitting lids.