How Long Does It Take For Tomcat To Kill Mice

Having pests such as mice destroying our valuable things at home can really be devastating. When it comes to getting rid of mice or rodents roaming around your homes, Tomcat Mouse Killer is known to kill effectively and fast.

While most of us lack patience and want to see results ASAP, the real question how fast Tomcat can get rid of mice when used at home.

Pro-tip: Not everyone is excited about killing mice or cleaning their dead bodies. For such people, I suggest checking humane mousetraps that are available on Amazon now.

How Does Tomcat Mouse Killer Works

Mice, rodents, and other pests are common in different households. Such creatures are really annoying because they cause destruction of properties and even threat to our lives.

They greatly affect the sanitation of one’s house. That’s why having a trusted product to get rid of them is a must in every household.

Tomcat Mouse Killer is a product invented to serve as a bait that kills pests roaming inside our homes. Here is how it works:

First, the tomcat bait station is placed on area of the house where the mice or rodents are sure to pass by.

Once a mouse smells the bait, it will surely be attracted to go over the areas where the bait station is placed.

The time a mouse bites off enough amount of the tomcat mouse killer, it will go back to its nest.

It usually takes a day or two (24-48 hours) before you can found the mouse dead in an area of your house.

Tomcat mouse killer contains bromadiolone, a kind of anticoagulant that causes internal bleeding to rodents and mice eventually killing these pests.

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Tomcat mouse killer is known for effectively killing pests and at the same time keeping your pets and children safe from it.

The bait station is designed to prevent the accidental poisoning of children and pets inside our homes.

It is to install because all you need is to place it in a corner.

Since tomcat mouse killer comes in two kinds- a disposable and a refillable one, you can choose which one you prefer but they pretty much work the same way.

If you are using the refillable one, be sure to use gloves when refilling it.

There are other reasons why tomcat mouse killer is known as the best in getting rid of rodent pests in our homes.

It is also accredited by the Environmental Protection Agency.

That’s why it is proven to be kids and pets-resistant, making it safe to use and put around the house. Just a block of tomcat mouse killer can kill up to 6 mice.

Since a refillable pack contains 32 blocks, it surely is worth it to get rid of the annoying pests inside our homes. The box where the block is placed is built to be tamper-resistant, which means it is durable.

So you don’t need to worry if ever your child or pet might tamper the bait station.

How Do You Know If The Mice Were Already Killed?

You are good to go. You’ve already placed enough bait stations in every corner of your house and you are probably excited to see all those annoying mice dead. So how do we know they are not there roaming around and looking for your belongings to munch in?

Normally, we will notice gnawed bits in a certain area of our houses that proves there are mice roaming around.

One way to tell if the mice were already killed by the poison is obviously, we would find their carcasses.

Another noticeable way is when there isn’t any area in our houses where we can find gnawed marks of mice or rodents.

If a rodent is already dead and we couldn’t see its dead body, it’s good to search for it on corners because that’s where they usually hide or stay.

If not, like all other animals, it will smell if not cleaned immediately and that’s another way of knowing whether the mice in your house were killed.

If you still haven’t found the dead bodies of the killed mice, it’s good to have every corners clean. Good sanitation in our homes is a must. This not only helps in completely wiping out rodents, mice, and other pets but also contributes to the good health of your family.

How Much Does A Tomcat Mouse Killer Cost

It sounds great! Tomcat Mouse Killer seems to be the best tool to kill all the mice and pests gnawing our bags, clothes, and even the edges of our cupboard. But how much does it cost?

The price of a tomcat mouse killer can differ depending on its kind. As mentioned before, there are two kinds- the disposable one and the refillable one.

The cost of the disposable one is ranging from $6 to $20 in Amazon. On the other hand, the cost of the refillable one is ranging from $7- $20 on Amazon.

There are other Tomcat products such as mouse traps and other products that can get rid of pests in your house all ranging from $6- $20 in Amazon. All are proven and can be used indoors or outdoors.

These tomcat mouse killer products constitute value and security. It’s obviously worth it to spend 6 bucks to get rid of a good amount of pest.

As it was stated previously, 1 block of tomcat mouse killer can kill up to 6 mice. Since a refillable pack contains 32 blocks, it can kill up to 192 mice. That’s not bad and it’s actually worth the price.

What Is The Difference of Tomcat Mouse Killer Between The Other Rodenticides?

Mouse poisons all work the same way. At some point, some rodents can get immune to certain chemicals and mice killers won’t have an effect on them anymore.

How does tomcat mouse killer differ from the other mice killers?

Common rodenticides or mice killers come in the form of food-like poison.

It can vary from cereal, peanut butter, or powder. Some mice killers are in the form of traps.

All these are effective and reliable however, there are some cons in using such.

First is the danger of being ingested by your children or pets inside your household.

Second, some mice killers are also difficult to install and hard to maintain.

Third, others are not as effective as some, making the pests immune to poison.

On the other hand, the Tomcat mouse killer serves as a good mice killer and at the same time, it protects your children and pets, making it safer to use compared to other rodenticides.

Its structure is also handy- it has a see-through window for easy monitoring when you need to replace the poisoned block.

It is also easy to use and can be placed in almost any area of your house even small areas like garage doors, below windows, or areas where we know rodents and mice hide.

Unlike common mouse traps and mice killers, tomcat mouse killer is no doubt better to use.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a product that would get rid of all the mice in your household, it’s good to consider some factors.

How long will it take to kill the mice? How do you know if it really killed the mice? How much does it cost?

And how is it different from the other mice killers? In this article, we learned that the Tomcat mouse killer takes only 24-48 hours to kill mice.

We would easily find dead mice where they usually hide a day or two after they’ve eaten the poison. Also, buying this mice killer is worth every dollar for it can kill a reasonable amount of pests in our homes.

Lastly, not only it could get rid of the annoying rodents, but it can also prevent our loved ones and pets from accidentally ingesting it, making it safer to use compared to other rodenticides.

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